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Chef Eric Felitto

Fairfield, CT native, Chef Eric Felitto began his journey in the culinary world at an early age. He used to cook with his mother and grandmother in their kitchen making Finnish coffee bread. Years later, he was asked by his brother and friends to cook his delicious bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. He found his passion for cooking while in high school working in various restaurants which ultimately landed him at the New England Culinary Institute in Essex Junction, VT. Eric received his BA in Culinary Arts and started working in Barcelona Wine Bar in Fairfield, CT under Chef Pedro Garzon. After a few year stint learning Latin cuisine with the Barteca Group, Eric moved to Durango, CO where he honed his knowledge of Asian cuisine. He worked as Sushi Chef & Chef de Cuisine under Sergio Verduzco, owner of East by South West. Later Eric helped open Sergio's second restaurant, a Thai themed restaurant known as the Zen Kitchen.

Eric then returned home to work at both Hotel Delmar restaurant locations with Chef Frederic Kiefer. Eric was the Sous Chef of both Artisan Restaurant (Southport, CT) and L'escale (Greenwich, CT). This is where Eric picked up French and New England artisanal techniques. He was then given a chance to run his own restaurant, which he did for a while at 500 Degrees. He was able to gain the experience of seeing how it was to place all of his techniques on the table. Finally, this lead him to the restaurant where he now resides, The Chelsea in Fairfield, CT. Here he runs an eclectic menu of all the various cooking styles he picked up along his culinary travels. The restaurant has been under his watch for four years now, and is producing very fun and exciting food.

While working at the Chelsea, Eric and a childhood friend, Michael Bertanza decided to start a breakfast food truck, The Tasty Yolk established May 5, 2016. Their intentions were to remain at their primary jobs, but get their own piece of the pie by having a breakfast business. They could work the truck before going into their primary jobs. Michael Bertanza, who was a financial adviser at the time, left his job when the two decided to open their second truck in November 14, 2017. The business is now a success! Michael works the truck with his wife, Shekinah Bertanza. Eric Works the truck with his wife, Allison McHale, who also heads their social media in addition to cooking on the truck. You could say it's a family business.

Mike Bertanza

A Fairfield native and graduate of the University of Miami Business School, Mike started off his career in banking and within a few years, became a Registered Financial Advisor. Growing up in the Northeast, Mike always appreciated a good breakfast sandwich and was amazed as he spent years living in other states where he could not find anything to compare. He often reminisces about a time at a Miami diner when he asked the server for a bacon egg and cheese and got just that: two eggs on a plate with melted cheese over them, bacon on the side. When Mike moved back to Connecticut, he returned to all his old local spots. As a young adult, he started to appreciate not just the sandwiches, but the business model of “the breakfast spot” as well. Mike now lives in Black Rock with his wife and son. He still maintains his intrigue for the stock market and his love for boating.